General Map and Sectors

This guidebook, which is a Solo Waterways of the Illawarra (SWOTI) sub-project of the larger Waterways of the Illawarra (WOTI) project, aims to document all the major and minor waterways that run into the sea between the Hacking and Shoalhaven rivers.  Probably not really possible, but worth a try.

Our approach is methodical.  Avoiding the ad hoc approach adopted in the larger WOTI project, we subdivide the Illawarra coastal region into 7 sectors and and aim to explore each thoroughly, starting at the northern end of each sector and moving south, numbering each creek/waterway as we go.

Here is the sector map:


Here are the sectors:

  • A: Bundeena to Stanwell Park (Royal National Park)
  • B: Stanwell Park to Thirroul (escarpment close to sea)
  • C: Thirroul to Wollongong (northern suburbs)
  • D: Wollongong to Warilla (steel works and southern suburbs)
  • E: Warilla to Kiama (south from Lake Illawarra)
  • F: Kiama to Gerroa (rocky coast)
  • G: Gerroa to Shoalhaven Heads (7 Mile Beach)

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