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This is the home of Upstream Industries™ – the commercial wing of Waterways of the Illawarra.

Here in our online store, you can purchase all the tools you’ll need to go Walking Upstream.

These include:

barbie wire spreader

The Barbie Wire Spreader: separates fencing wires to allow bodies to pass through, and is insulated with rubber to protect from electric shocks. (Trespassing not condoned by WOTI so use the BWS at your own discretion).


The Ponting: allows the intrepid walker to make progress through the thickest lantana; doubles as a sure-fire run-scorer in a game of backyard cricket.

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The Colonel Mustard: is an accessibility accessory – a stout rope with looped knots which allows confident walkers to assist those less able to scramble up steep boulders.

upshit creek

The Upshit Creek: while hardcore creek walkers might poo-poo the use of a canoe to navigate swampy riparian terrain, at Upstream IndustriesTM we take a more moderate attitude. We say: “whatever floats your boat”.

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The Good Karma: go beyond the bushwalkers’ code of conduct “Take Nothing but Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints, Kill Nothing but Time”. With the Good Karma (a handmade string bag crafted from twine) you have a bespoke tool for collecting garbage as you walk, ensuring that you leave the Waterways of the Illawarra in better shape than you found them.

* * *


Due to a hold up in Australian quarantine of the latest shipment arriving from our factory in China, the Tools for Creek Walking described above are currently unavailable.

We’ll update this page when they arrive and are available for sale.