Guidebook Method

  • Begin at the northern end of any given sector.
  • Proceed walking south along the coast (or close to the coast) until a waterway is encountered.  It is up to the walker to choose what constitutes a waterway (in heavy rain there are many more potential waterways).
  • Photograph the waterway (ideally at its mouth to the sea).
  • Walk up the waterway, recording the route followed. Swimming and boating are also permitted (although not usually adopted).
  • Follow the line of least resistance. Follow the waterway itself or any nearby route that roughly follows the path of the waterway (define as convenient).
  • Follow the creek until it disappears.  Note this point of disappearance.
  • No requirement, however, to actually reach the point of disappearance on any given walk.  It is permitted to stop and turn around for whatever reason.  This reason for turning around must be provided.
  • Document the waterways encountered in this guidebook.
  • Walks can be re-experienced and continued.
  • Solo walks are permitted and encouraged, but not required.


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